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​Digital forensics is the process of identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting digital evidence in a manner that is legally acceptable in any legal proceedings. It is a crucial aspect of law and business in the internet age and can be a rewarding and lucrative career path.

Computer & Mobile Forensics

  • the identification, preservation, collection, analysis and reporting on evidence found on computers, laptops and storage media in support of investigations and legal proceedings.
  • the recovery of electronic evidence from mobile phones, smartphones, Drones, SIM cards, PDAs, GPS devices, tablets and game consoles.

Our main suppliers

​MSAB is the global leader in forensic technology for mobile device examination, with offices in Europe and in the USA, as well as a network of distributors across the globe.

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in digital investigative technology and was built on a foundation of helping and empowerment to uncover the truth.

EnCase Forensic is the global standard in digital investigation technology for forensic practitioners who need to conduct efficient, data collection and investigations using a repeatable and defensible process

Tableau products meet the critical needs of forensic data acquisition. Our forensic duplicators, write-blockers, password recovery solution, adapters, and accessories are time-tested and case-proven.

MediaClone serving the Computer Forensic & IT markets provides Hard Drive Eraser solutions, Digital Forensics solutions, Hard Drive Cloning solutions.

Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization is an Israeli company that manufactures data extraction, transfer and analysis devices for cellular phones and mobile devices

Passware Kit Forensic is the complete electronic evidence discovery solution that reports all the password-protected items on a computer and decrypts them.

XLY Salvationdata Technology INC. is China’s leading integrated solutions provider of digital forensics, data recovery, data security and E-discovery.

BlackBag Technologies, Inc. provides innovative forensic acquisition, triage, and analysis software for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac OS X devices and training for all four major platforms to law enforcement and private sector clients.

SUMURI, LLC is a company that develops advanced forensic investigation software and hardware and also a leading provider of training and services relating to digital evidence, computer forensics and eDiscovery worldwide.

Oxygen Forensics offers the most advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile and IoT devices, smartwatches, cloud services and drones. Its universal forensic solution covering the widest range of mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and many others.

Forensic Computers, Inc. has been an industry leader since the beginning of modern digital forensics. Our founder, and current President/CEO, started the company in 1999 using his experience as a special agent and computer crime investigator in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Network Forensics

the monitoring, capture, storing and analysis of network activities or events in order to discover the source of security attacks, intrusions or other problem incidents, cyber threats attacks, abnormal network traffic and security breaches.

Our main suppliers

Savvius, Inc. develops and delivers hardware and software solutions to analyze, troubleshoot, optimize, and secure wired and wireless networks.

Tenable provides a comprehensive continuous network monitoring solution that enables you to rapidly respond to incidents, by providing actionable forensic data that can help detect incidents more accurately.

Digital Video/Audio Forensics

the collection, analysis and evaluation of sound and video recordings. The science is the establishment of authenticity as to whether a recording is original and whether it has been tampered with, either maliciously or accidentally.

Our main suppliers

DVR Examiner is a software solution for the recovery of video and metadata from DVR surveillance systems in a forensically sound manner.

Cognitech, Inc. is a foremost developer of real-time image and video processing and analysis software tools, 3D video photogrammetry software, lossless video acquisition cards, and integrated workstation systems.

XLY Salvationdata Technology INC. is China’s leading integrated solutions provider of digital forensics, data recovery, data security and E-discovery.