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  • 汚染水(工業施設の廃水等その他)をミャンマーの土地に埋めるビジネス。
  • 汚染土(工業施設からでる汚染された土等その他)をミャンマーの土地に埋めるビジネス。
  • 金(ゴールド)や宝石を掘る仕事をやりたい企業の皆様。
  • 川や海の砂が欲しい企業の皆様(例えば建築関係のビジネスで使いたい等)
  • ソーラー発電機をミャンマーで作って発電から売電までをシステム化してビジネスにしたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • ミャンマーの家庭用水道施設を敷設してビジネスにしたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • ミャンマーでホテルの立上げから経営までをやりたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • ミャンマーで土地の賃貸や売買(不動産業)をやりたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • ミャンマーでカジノ(ギャンブル)を作りたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • ミャンマーで国際交流のための日本語学校(小学校~大学まで)を作りたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • ミャンマーの無人島でリゾート開発を進めたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • ミャンマーで車を作る工場をミャンマーの企業と一緒に作りたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • エアコンの製造工場をミャンマーの企業と一緒に作りたいとお考えの企業の皆様。
  • 即席麺(カップヌードル)の工場をミャンマーで作ってビジネスしたいとお考えの企業の皆様。


Japanese companies Please contact us in Japanese. We would like to work with the following companies in cooperation with Japanese companies or organizations.

  • A business that fills Myanmar land with contaminated water (such as wastewater from industrial facilities).
  • Business to bury contaminated soil(contaminated soil from industrial facilities,etc.)in Myanmar land.
  • Companies who want to do gold and gem digging work.
  • Companies that want sand in the river or the sea (for example,want to use it in Construction related business).
  • Companies who want to make solar power generators in Myanmar and systematize powergeneration to sales.
  • Companies who wants to make a business by laying a household water supply facility in Myanmar.
  • Companies who want to do everything from hotel start up to management in Myanmar.
  • Companies who want to rent and buy and sell (real estate)land in Myanmar.
  • Companies who want to create a casino(gambling) in Myanmar.
  • Companies that want to create Japanese language schools (from elementary school to university)for international exchange in Myanmar.
  • Companies who want to develop resorts on an uninhabited island in Myanmar.
  • Companies who want to make a car factory in Myanmar together with a Myanmar Companies.
  • Companies who want to build an air conditioner manufacturing plant with a Myanmar Companies.
  • Companies that want to make a business of instant noodle(cup noodle)factory in Myanmar.

Other than the above,if you are thinking about doing business in Myanmar,if you have any plans from big to small,Please feel free to contact us here,We look forward to seeing you soon.


Metting with Sumitomo corporation…
(One of the biggest Corporation in Japan,September 9,2016 at Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center)


Metting with Tokyu Construction…
(One of the biggest subway Construction in Japan,September 9,2016 at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel)

Cyber Defense & Social Media Investigation Workshop

​”Cyber Defence & Social Media Investigation Workshop” was organized by JAPAN PYAN GROUP International Co., Ltd associated with Cobwebs Technologies (Israel) & Infoblox (USA) on 25th July, 2017 at Yadanar Thingaha Hotel, Naypyitaw .

Banking Security Solution Workshop, 2017

​Banking Security Solutions Workshop at Myanmar Banks Association (Associated with Savvius Inc., USA)

Security Expo 2016, Naypyitaw

JAPAN PYAN GROUP participated in Naypyitaw Security Expo 2016, the largest and most established commercial event in the Myanmar market place, bringing together the entire supply chain of manufacturers, distributors, security professionals and end users to connect and create unparalleled business opportunities.

Naypyitaw Security Expo 2016 connects a community of leaders and brings the most innovative solutions to the Australian market driving the future direction of the security industry.

DNA Forensic LAB For Myanmar Police Force

JAPAN PYAN GROUP and it’s local partner San Su Industrial Co., Ltd. have signed contract with the UK’s giant DNA services company, Orchid Cellmark, for cooperation in the development of Myanmar Police Force’s forensic DNA laboratory. It’s the first forensic DNA lab in Myanmar and Cellmark will support Lab designing, Supervision on Lab Construction, training for police staffs in UK and Myanmar and to achieve ISO certification. Project will be started in 2015 March and have to finished at the end of 2016. With over 27 years’ experience at the forefront of forensic DNA technology, Cellmark also now offers a broad range of accredited laboratory and crime scene services, from glass comparisons to gunshot residue analysis.

AFIS Database Project

JAPAN PYAN GROUP signed contract with one of the famous AFIS solution providers, AFIX Technologies, Inc. to cooperate in the establishment of Criminal Database System for Myanmar Police Force. AFIX Technologies provides fingerprint identification and verification solutions for applications such as criminal investigation, inmate release verification, mobile ID, and pre-booking screening. Currently, AFIX systems are in use in over 300 sites across the U.S. and more than 20 other countries. Law enforcement agencies of all sizes have realized that the systems are easier to use and more cost effective than previous AFIS/APIS generations.