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We also design and produce advanced forensic document-examination systems for currency, passports and other questioned documents. Our wide range of viewing and analysis systems cater to both small agencies and large facilities.


Spectra Pro provides examiners working in forensic laboratories, security printers and immigration authorities with the full range of features needed for the comprehensive inspection, authentication, and quality assurance of passports, ID cards, security and legal documents, banknotes and cheques.


The compact Docubox HD allows rapid and systematic examination of documents. It offers comprehensive investigation possibilities and boasts 14 integrated light sources, motorized 20x zoom optics, an IR-sensitive color camera with autofocus capabilities and full HD resolution.


Compact and multifunctional, the INSPEC 8 and 8S document verification stations are ideal for second-level inspections at a range of checkpoints.


Portable, compact and LED-illuminated, the Inspec 5 is ideal for visual examination of banknotes, and travel and identity documents.


The Docustat DS-220 system can be used for small and large sheets. The supplied IW plastic film is used for securing of indented writing (grooves) on different kinds of paper.


The compact PAGScan reads a wide range of documents quickly and accurately, including: RFID modules, smart cards, magnetic stripes on passports and visas, ID cards, driver’s licenses, bar codes and more.


Forensic Technology offers the world’s most advanced ballistic identification solution, IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System), which enables the sharing and comparison of significant quantities of exhibit information and images across a network of imaging sites, as well as the automated identification of likely matching bullets or cartridge cases. IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ is the latest generation of IBIS technology and includes exceptional 3D imaging, advanced comparison algorithms, and a robust infrastructure. It has been designed to meet the needs of police and military organizations that gain actionable information from firearms and their fired ammunition components.


The IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ | BRASSTRAX acquisition station enables entry of cartridge case information onto an IBIS network. BRASSTRAX captures high-resolution 2D images and precise 3D topographic information of significant regions of interest


The IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ | BULLETTRAX acquisition station enables entry of bullet information onto an IBIS network. BULLETTRAX captures high-resolution 2D images and 3D topographic information of a bullet’s lands and grooves. It produces an image strip representing a bullet’s 360-degree circumference or a combination of regions from bullet fragments.


IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ | MATCHPOINT is the firearm expert’s analysis station for reviewing potential matches from IBIS correlation algorithms. High-resolution 2D images and precise 3D topography offer remarkable viewing capabilities and useful alternatives when analyzing cartridge case and bullet markings.


The Data Concentrator stores data collected from multiple BRASSTRAX and BULLETTRAX acquisition stations. For each acquired exhibit, the Data Concentrator automatically extracts image signatures, generates correlation requests – which are processed by the Correlation Server – and stores correlation results.


The IBIS Correlation Server uses complex algorithms to compare exhibit image signatures with all other relevant exhibits in a specific IBIS® network. Resultant correlation scores rank potential matches according to similarity.


Firecycle helps law enforcement agencies track a gun’s entire lifecycle. Our data management solution can track a firearm at each and all of the following lifecycle points : Manufacture, Commercial sale, Individual transactions, Professional transactions, Criminal use, Seizure, Final disposal, Firearm destruction.


We started from the user experience and worked backwards to develop a new generation analysis and confirmation tool that leveraged the benefits of IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System) and our years of experience in developing state-of-the-art comparison microscopes.


The Projectina VisionX is the first and only comparison microscope that integrates with IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System), making it the most powerful and effective ballistics analysis and confirmation tool in the industry.


The high-quality COMAC microscope is ideal for comparing and analyzing documents, tool marks, bullets and cartridges, currency, and illegal drugs such as Ecstasy, PMA and amphetamines. Its modular design allows for easy fitting of object holders, illumination systems and documentation units.

PAG 800

The PAG 800 offers crisp, high-resolution and high-contrast stereo images. With a 1:6.3 zoom ratio and a 115mm (4.5”) working distance, this microscope is ideal for the most demanding forensic applications.

PAG 1000

Versatile stereomicroscope with 8x optical zoom for total magnification of up to 60x and optional high-resolution digital camera.


The Micro Macro microscope DMM-2000 with digital technique is the ideal instrument for examinations in Forensic Sciences, e.g. fibres, ballistics (angle determination of land and grove), etc.


Our crime scene equipment is designed for forensic science laboratories to help investigators and technicians in the criminal identification of evidence.


The rugged SL-450 is portable and cable-free and affords users unhindered movement around any crime scene location. Its powerful 35W Xenon lamp runs off a lithium-ion battery that delivers 90 minutes of continuous power.


The CSL-Shoe is a portable crime scene light designed to help investigators recover shoe print evidence. Using a high-intensity LED array, the CSL SHOE can help identify and document sole patterns and markings on a variety of surfaces. Battery-powered, the rugged and lightweight CSL SHOE features a telescopic handle for extended use.


The Projectina MSA-810 is your ultimate forensic lab tool. Complimenting the SL-450 Crime Scene Lamp, the MSA-810 is a powerful companion in trace evidence investigation, verification and documentation.


The Projectina Dust Print Lifter is used for recovering impression evidence such as tire tracks and footprints. Self-contained kit for recovering impression evidence.


The Foto Light Box is a versatile and easy-to-use forensic lab system for photographing evidence. The system’s optimal lighting captures and reproduces shadow-free and transmitted light images. Supporting both gelatine and transparent shoe print securing foils, the Foto Light Box is universal in its application possibilities.