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Field Forensics develops threat-chemical detection and identification kits, instruments and methods.  We specialize in field detection of narcotics, explosives, heroin, fentanyl, chemical weapons agents, home-made explosive and narcotics  precursor chemicals, toxins and other chemicals. ​


  • ELITE™ – Trace Explosives Detection & Identification
  • ​IDEX™ – Precursor Identification
  • ​ULTRA™ – Detection & Identification
  • ​HandyRam II™- Hand-held Raman Spectroscopy
  • ​Spot.On.ID™ – Thin Layer Chromatography
  • ​Fen-Her™ – Fentanyl and Heroin Detection Kit
  • ​DABIT™ – easy to use color tests for narcotics identification
  • BioScreener™ – Screening Kit for Bio-Weapons Agents


RedXDefense offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions for combating threats. RedX products range from lightweight, hand-held unit that detects narcotics, homemade and high explosives to our field-proven ruggedized, portable, trace explosive detector for military applications.



Sibel Ltd. is developing and manufacturing a wide range of antiterrorist equipment: portable explosive detectors and X-ray analyzers, junction detectors and all types of metal detectors, that are deployed world-wide and are used for explosives and IED detection, drug control.


X-Ray Body Scanner VZOR-TS

Heursis Corporation

Heuresis Corporation develops and markets handheld X-ray instruments. ​​The company offers leasing and financing services for small, medium, and large businesses​.



Teledyne ICM

Teledyne ICM  has been fully dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of highly innovative portable X-Ray solutions.




TeraSense has developed and patented a ground-breaking technology for making new-generation semiconductor imaging systems for Terahertz (THz) and sub-THz frequency ranges.