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​The JAPAN PYAN GROUP is a dynamic and innovative company backed by 10 years of experience operating within the defence, security and the forensic industries, among others serving the Criminal Justice System, the Myanmar Police Force, the Forensic Science Laboratory and the Ministry of Defence with a wide range of products and services.

These include photographic equipment, scene of crime investigation material and consumables, specialized forensic laboratory equipment such as fingerprint chemical enhancement chambers, security document analysis equipment, border control equipment, alcohol detection systems, Automated Criminal Fingerprint Identification Systems(AFIS), Bio Radars for the detection of concealed or trapped persons, night vision equipment(thermal and Infra Red), Long Range thermal & IR Cameras and integrated Radar Technology for border surveillance, trace analysis equipment and other high end solutions such as audio and vision enhancement analysis solutions for law enforcement agencies…

Security Solutions

We specialize in CBRNE, Counter Terrorism, Law Enforcement & Internal Security; Riot and Special Forces requirements. The JAPAN PYAN GROUP revolutionized the security services industry by introducing the ‘total security service provider’ concept. This concept allows JAPAN PYAN GROUP to be the first and only security company to be a one-stop center of a complete and comprehensive range of security solutions.

Forensic Solutions

JAPAN PYAN GROUP International is a leading company in forensic field and provides the total solutions for Digital Forensics, Forensic Science and Law Enforcement solutions. We offer all types of solutions for criminal investigation required by law enforcement agencies or enterprises.

Cyber Security Solutions

We help clients in the police and criminal justice system find more effective solutions to prevent and detect crime. ​Terrorism, criminal activities, cyber-attacks and other security threats, combined with new and more complex security challenges, are driving demand for innovative solutions that can enhance security to help anticipate, prepare, and respond to threats. ​